Breaking down pagename by action name in mobile analytics reports



Hi All,

I have captured mobile app page name (tracked using trackState) and it is assigned in an evar. I have also captured action link name using trackAction, assigned in evar again. I want to know what all links user has accessed on a particular page. So,when I am trying to breakdown page name by action name, the action link names are getting persisted to the next pages. Hence, breakdown report of a particular pagename consists of action link names of previous page as well. Does it have to do with the persistence value we set in mobile services? I tried to set it as "tracking call" - the it doesn't give data in breakdown, and as "Session" -  it gives data persistence problem.

Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance !

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Rupali,

eVar can persist its value during a session, it looks that is an issue. Your case is where you want to add pagename with trackAction call to correlate it. See my response in below tread to solve this.

Re: Is there a way to include Page Name when calling trackAction from the iOS Mobile SDK?



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