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Could you help me with Bloodhound tool ( Unfortunately, I can not download it.

Currently I'm investigating the integration of Adobe Analytics into our mobile application and found that Bloodhound tool can be used for testing. All download links lead me to Releases page on GitHub ( I've walked through this releases and found few old Bloodhound releases but I do not see any installation files there (especially .dmg file for my Mac).

So could someone please provide me a correct link to download the Bloodhound installation file for macOs or send this file to me directly? Or maybe suggest another tool for testing of Adobe Analytics integration with iOs app.

Thanks in advance!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Dear Dyno,

Not sure still Blood Hound is supported by Adobe. Because, even within Mobile Marketing Services, unable to find Blood Hound under Testing Tools.

For validations, we use Charles Debugger which is impressive but paid tool. It also has one month free trail; you can check

Thank You.


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Adobe Bloodhound as of April 30, 2017 has been sunset.   As Arun suggested, 3rd party tools such as Charles or Fiddler would be suggested for use in testing and troubleshooting.