Adobe Analytics: Mobile App Page Views vs. Web Page Views




Hoping someone might be able to clarify this for me.

If we've configured Web/Mobile Apps/Apple TV/Samsung, etc to report into the same report suite:


Are the Adobe Analytics Out-of-the-box key metrics (Page Views, Visits, Uniques) equivalent on Mobile Apps and Web? meaning - if I look at page views that are out of the box, do mobile apps and web look at this metric the same way?

Or what is different on mobile app page views for example vs. web? (when implementing using the latest SDK)

Many thanks for the help on this


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Paulina,

Ultimately, yes, they are similar.

Using the Mobile SDK a 'pageview' is captured when a trackState method is called.  You can somewhat equate a web s.t( ) with a mobile trackState( ) method call.

A visit is the same, a 'new' visit occurs where there has not been a hit sent for 30 minutes.


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