Make Site Catalyst better able to support Int'l Languages



Two main issues we see with Site Catalyst and the lack of foreign language support.


First, Sprops are limited to 100 bytes.  That's fine for Ascii but for the Asian characters, it is not.  Sprop size needs to be increased to allow for more data to be passed on the image request.


Second, search in site catalyst needs to recognize the foreign characters & produce the results.  It currently does not.

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100% agree.  Need to have support for JP, Chinese characters. 



We need two things to make Omniture actually provide useful analytics for our JWSJ site:


1) Need to be able to see more than 8 characters for the Japanese headlines
2) Need to be able to search for Japanese headlines in Omniture



Here's what happens when we can only see the first 8 characters for Japanese headlines:


I look at the top page views to get a sense of what the most popular stories are. (I can't see the headlines here.) I then go to Custom Traffic -->Most read articles to get the first eight characters. I can only decipher some of the articles, so I then go to Custom Conversion -->Headlines Only, last in expires on a visit. The articles shown here are often in a different order from the Custom Traffic articles, but I have to make do.


When I want to search for page views of a particular story, I keep looking at the entire Custom Traffic list until I find the story. There is no way to search.