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Let Data Connectors be setup for multiple report suites


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Currently when you setup a Data Connector, it only lets you select one report suite.  So for example, if you want to setup Demandbase integration from a Data Connector, and you have 10 report suites, you have to go through the process 10 times.  Well, some clients have hundreds of report suites. 


Please update Data Connectors to allow them to be setup for multiple report suites in one go. 



Note for others who face this issue: Workaround is to set it up for one report suite.  Then login to the AA interface and enable the eVars and classifications for the rest of them in one go (you can multi-select rsids in AA for those).  Then go to the report suite you did the Data Connector for and go to Processing Rules and look for the PRs made by the Data Connector and dupe them to the other report suites.  Then go to the Class Rule Builder and add your other rsids to the rules the Data Connector made for the first one.