Integrating Adobe After Effects with Autodesk 3D Max and Maya 3D

Dr__Ayman_Raafa 13-04-2019

Now we are having a great integration link between Adobe After Effects and Maxon Cinema 4D , any body have an idea about integration between Adobe After Effects with Autodesk 3D Max and Maya 3D because the idea is to make the same integration specially with 3Ds Max and with the latest render engines like Arnold , Corona and V Ray , so that we can solve a lot of compositing tasks inside our 3D scenes.

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Joost_van_der_H 15-04-2019

Autodesk has "live link" as their plugin for this: Live link to Adobe After Effects | Maya 2017 | Autodesk Knowledge Network

Dr__Ayman_Raafa 15-04-2019

sounds good , is there something for 3Ds max too ?

Dr__Ayman_Raafa 16-04-2019

Thanks for the Link

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