Feature request : Option to disable Adobe IDs when creating new users



Would be great to have the option to disable the ability for Adobe ID identity type users to be created. This will prevent us from having to turn off business team’s self-service administration capabilities for the Experience Cloud tools .Ideally, we would like to allow the business to self-service and be able to create their own users, but force them to use our SSO and not Adobe IDs.



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+1, but for separate reasons.


For a system admin to delegate different products while ensuring only Enterprise/Federated IDs, the only other admin types that can exist without the ability to create them are for user group/support/deployment. However, some products require product/profile admin permissions to manage (e.g. Target requires at least profile admin permissions to change the Observer/Editor roles). If we could disable the ability to create Adobe IDs, we wouldn't have to worry as much about product- and profile-level admins creating unmanaged accounts.