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Enable the ability to turn off email notifications for NEW Adobe IDs added to an IMS Org


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Why does Adobe still send a Cloud Manager email when new users are added to the Admin Console? I turned off product profile notifications!
Regardless of Product Profile email notifications settings turned off, new Adobe IDs being added to an IMS Org will ALWAYS get a new email sending them to Cloud Manager.

Federated IDs do NOT receive an email since they are already assigned an IMS Org on validation of the federated account.


Can we still get the ability to add NEW Adobe IDs to an IMS Org the prevent a Cloud Manager email to be sent to those users?


We're adding thousands of new users to this IMS Org and they're all going to get an email, then get another email from the client saying that they should ignore that email, and THEN send another welcome email with the correct link they should be using to access the Site.

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