Ability to merge user accounts

aliskink2 08-11-2018

Some of our users have been previously registered for Creative Cloud with their internal 'corp.net' email address. 

Meanwhile their Analytics accounts were associated with their external 'company-name.com' email addresses.   So after being migrated to Experience Cloud they've ended up with two accounts - CC with the corp.net email addresses and EC with the company-name.com email addresses.

There is no way, currently, to merge those accounts.   I'd like a facility - whether managed within the Admin console or by Client Care - to 'merge' two accounts into one such that all of the different access permissions from each product are available on the chosen account (the other account(s) could/should be deleted).

This needs to be available across Adobe IDs, Enterprise IDs and Federated IDs i.e. it should be possible to merge an Enterprise ID with a Federated ID or a Federated ID with an Adobe ID.