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Deployment process - stage to production


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Feel like I must be missing something obvious but I couldn't see any help documentation that explains the process of moving a build from stage to production.


I have run aio app deploy and everything is working nicely in Stage but I couldn't see a way to move things across. I can see it's possible for me to add the Services etc again in the Production environment but is that meant to be the process?


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Hi @alexb75062655 


Thank you for using Project Firefly! Currently, there isn't a way to automatically promote your build to production. Here's how you can promote it --

  1. Set up your production environment on Console with the same services needed for your application (this is necessary to separate production credentials from stage credentials)
  2. Go back to your code. Leverage the following commands to select your production workspace
    1. `aio console org list / select`
    2. `aio console project list / select`
    3. `aio console workspace list / select`
  3. Once you are on the production workspace, which you can check using `aio where`, go to your project root folder, do `aio app use` to switch to use your production environment.
  4. You should see your application live in your production workspace after this. You can also use Console to publish your application when it's ready!



Hi Alex,


In addition to Sarah's answer, indeed you need to add the services to the production workspace even if you did this before for the stage one. The reason why this needs to be done is simple: keeping the environments completely separated so mistakes like sending emails to real customers (when using Adobe Campaign for example) are easier avoided (because you would use the Campaign stage environment for the stage workspace and the prod one for the prod worskpace).


We will update our docs to explain this workaround. Thank you for the feedback!