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Where to find all sysFilter possibilities?


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Hello All,

Where can I find all possible functions I can use and what is their meaning in the sysFilter condition enableIf attribute e.g. hasNamedRight(''), EVal(''), $(homeDir),$(loginId)... In documentation you can find only one, hasNamedRight(

  1. Basically I need something as hasNamedRight for to use with groups --> hasGroup('group_name')?

          [EDIT] I had to create another named right and add it to the group.

  1. Also can I use "hasNamedRight(some_right1)=false or hasNamedRight(some_right2)=false" in enabledIf?

          [EDIT] You can

Thanks Marcel

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Hello Marcelo,

Please see if this document helps you in understanding sysfilters in a better way.