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I am trying to send whatsApp message from Adobe campaign. I am looking for APIs and could find tow of them:

1. WhatsAPI - which is currently closed it seems (WhatsAPI Documentation · mgp25/Chat-API Wiki · GitHub )

2. WhatsMate API (How to send WhatsApp Messages in Java )

I am thinking of doing a json call to whatsMate API..Has anyone worked on this integration? Could you please provide some assistance on this.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Whatsapp does not officially provide an API, some devs have reversed engineered the service to provide some sort of API, however, most of them get shut down with legal threats from whatsapp themselves.

There's been news about whatsapp inviting selected businesses to access their API though (WhatsApp Is Finally Inviting Businesses Onto Its Massive Network This Year )

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at the moment whatsapp does not give you information or some code for this, maybe in a not too distant time you can do what you are looking for, giving solutions with some actualizar whatsapp. let's hope it goes to what you're looking for luck.