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We have a need to set up Surveys with Adobe Campaign Standard.

We are looking to integrate some third party survey tool with Adobe Campaign Standard via API.

Just asking if someone here has ideas or advice on this?

Has anyone does something similar and can recommend survey tools that is well positioned to integrate with ACS.

The case would be to

- Target recipients in ACS and send link to survey (third party tool). Send either via ACS or via the survey tool.

- Push survey responses back to ACS so we can track responses in ACS and follow up with additional

/Mikael B

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Mikael,

The API integration for this would need to be custom-made.

Here's some documentation on how to Authenticate your API, then you Retrieve Profiles and match the emails with the responses from the survey, and you Update the Profiles with the survey responses.

Adobe Campaign Standard API

I hope this helps getting you started!

All the best,


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