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Hi There,

Today is the first day I am logging into the Adobe community. I just had my Adobe sandbox set up yesterday. I was wondering if there is any training material or getting started guide I can refer to in order to learn basics on Adobe Campaign. Also I have been an Avid Marketo User and have been using the same in various areas for about 4 years. So am well versed with the concepts of campaign. My primary motive is to learn how to use the Adobe Campaign

Another Question would be - I know very well how to Navigate the Marketo Community, and this looks sort of similar, but given that there are so many products and places for Adobe, I am getting a bit lost as to where to access what. In case there is a community help/navigation guide some one can provide, that would be really helpful.

Would greatly appreciate any help!

Best Always,

Karan Hari

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Karan,

Welcome to the Adobe Campaign community! Thank you for using Campaign and checking out our community

Aside from the tutorials David kindly linked to, here's the main page for all you need: Adobe Campaign Standard Learn & Support

It includes tutorials, release notes, documentation, Experience League and more.

All the best,