Issue with a technical workflow for the message center.



Hello everyone,

I come to you because i have an issue with a technical workflow (Update event status) in the message center for transactional messaging.

Here is my issue, I already send an e-mail for restarting that workflow on the support but there is a problem with the data update (which I never use in the past, I'm pretty new to Adobe Campaign)



Here is the data update windows if needed.

I didn't change anything in that.


I think I understand what's the error but I don't know how to execute it, scared to do a mistake.

Thanks for your help.

Working on Adobe Campaign v7 on Windows 10.

Tell me if you need more details about this situation.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Thibault,

You should raise a neolane support ticket for this. As this is a technical workflow built by Adobe, they are the right person to fix this. We can help you as it seems quite simple from the screenshots but there might be some underlying problem which is causing duplicates primary keys for event stats id and neolane support team would be able to look under the hood.

If you really need to fix it, you can change this technical workflow and add a de-dup before this update activity based on rtEventstatId and it will work.



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