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I want to link create one input form in adobe campaign classic having multiple schema association.


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Hi ,

I have a requirement to display data in a single form from multiple schema.

Eg : Customer  - > Policies  - > Policy risks.

Customer has multiple Policies and a Policy has multiple Policy Risks .  The tables are linked . Customer and Policy with Customer  id and Policy and Risk with Policy Id.

I am able to display Customer and Policy but when I introduce Policy Risk in the same form it errors out.

Can anyone help here?



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Hi Anumol,

I believe your schema would be something like this:

Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 2.28.12 pm.png

Create your form on Policy Risks schema as it is linked with Policy and policy is linked with Customer.

You will get attributes of all the schemas.


Hope this helps.



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I have the same requirement like Recipient- > Policies  - > Policy risks. 


When I create container of policy risks in recipient form as below


After opening recipient input form for particular recipient getting error -

Attribute 'policyId' unknow (see definition of schema 'Recipients (nms:recipient)')


recipient schema don't have policyId so I changed input xpath="recipientId" but since policy risks table does not contain recipientId its throwing error as-

Attribute 'recipientId' unknow (see definition of schema 'PolicyRisks (prt:policyRisks)')


Please help here.






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I have written below code in recipient input form-

 <container img="nms:agency.png" label="Policy Risk" name="policyRisk" readOnly="true">
    <input hideEditButtons="true" img="nms:paper.png" nolabel="true" toolbarCaption="Policies"
           type="linklist" xpath="policies">
      <input hideEditButtons="true" img="nms:paper.png" nolabel="true" toolbarCaption="Policy Risk"
             type="linklist" xpath="policyRiskLink">
        <input xpath="[/@policyID]"/>

When I click "configure list" it shows Policies table details.

How can I open Policy Risk table when click "configure list" in recipient input form?