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How to select winning email address from multiple email addresses in a campaign (different than dedup)


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What is the best practice in targeting or selecting one email address over another in a campaign if a recipient has more than one email addresses recorded in the database?

For example,

1. Go the database route where we can create a "Preferred" column to set a flag "1" column to their preferred email address. Mailchimp for example, uses "Contact Rating" where you assign a value between 1 to 3, where 3 would be the most engaged email id, and then when you build your logic, simply query:

@contactrating "greater than or equal to" 3, to select the most engaged email address. But that would also entail building logic either in a technical workflow that assigns the proper value (1 to 3) to the Contact Rating column.

Any idea how that's done?


1. Go the workflow route:

We can build logic to query trackinglog to select email address based on past engagement, email opens, URL clicks, etc.


1. We can select email address based on timestamp--which email addresses generated the earliest engagement, etc.

Can one develop this without db development, at the workflow level without developing or enhancing the current database? By building logic, for example,

var earlyclick = getDatetime(vars.emailid1.trackinglog.urlclick);

var lateclick = getDatetime(vars.emailid2.trackinglog.urlclick);

If (earlyclick >= lateclick)

select emaild1

else {

select emailid2


(Does anyone know the logic of which operators to select from ("greater than, "less than,) when you are selecting the earlier of two timestamps? For example, how would you build javascript logic where you would select 1:10AM over 1:11AM? "Greater than" or "less than" 1:10AM wouldn't make much sense.)

You can convert the Datetime to milliseconds and then assign a "greater than" or "less than" operator to select the earliest time, but any other ideas on how to weigh time?

Any additional ideas on how to select the winning email address (id) would be greatly welcomed!

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Hi Jae,

There is no right and all your ideas are great! If you're already delivering to both email addresses then your second option (Build logic to query trackinglog to select email address based on past engagement, email opens, URL clicks, etc.) makes the most sense and requires less manual work since that's information readily available in Campaign that you can incorporate before the send instead of coming up with a manual rating system which would need to be maintained.

I hope it works out for you!

All the best,