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How to query delivery log to backfill other table ?


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We send many communication and every communcation we send we store the values in seperate table. Unfortunatly we lost that data and now we are trying to find out based on Campaign name or program name search the broadlog table and find out that delivery and join with recipient and and program table to get required value ...... is anyone did this type of work ? Any leads , ideas please let me know. 

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Hi Sheetal,


What data did you lose specifically?  If it was stored in a separate table it may not be something that was originally stored by default. 


This type of work is certainly doable because there are keys that allow us to join from the broadlog and recipient tables but more details would be required, as we need to understand what you are trying to pull exactly and the use case.






Hi @Sheetal11,

Were you able to resolve this query or do you still need more help here? Do let us know.



Can you please share here how were you able to resolve it as this would really help other community users facing similar issue? Thanks!
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