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How to get in ACS a random set of data for each recipient in a delivery ?


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Hello everyone, 


I have been put to the a difficult task by a client. 


They have a lot of ads on their website and they want to create a newsletter to present to their clients each and every one of those ads.

In order to do that, they want for each of their recipients to receive 24 ads took randomly from a huge 1 million ad list.


So what i am looking for right now is a way to create a personalization in order to randomly take 24 ads from that list for each recipient of a delivery.

Or if it's not possible, im looking for a way to just go in descending order into the list 24 by 24 for each recipient ?


In ACC a heavy use of Javascript would do the trick, but with ACS i am a little lost on the course of action.


Is this possible with built-in options in ACS or do i need to find a way to force javascript inside the delivery ?


Thanks by advance for any help you can bring.

Best regards.


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Hi Antonin,

Not sure people are scrolling down their emails much these days and they ight stop after 1 or 2 scroll down. 
I assumed you have uploaded in ACS the 1M ads metadata in a custom entity, then you would use an Enrichment to add a array of 24 ads as Additional data to the main audience?

Then you would have a Content BLock that will loop trhough the array of ads in target data to and build the HTML...It's possble to use JS in content block in ACS similarly than ACC....I could share a sample of such code is required.