How to configure several retries in transfer activity in ACS





I have to configure transfer file activity for "Test to see if file exists" in SFTP server with configure several retries.


  • if file doesn't exist, wait  for 15 min and re-run 5 times

  • After 5 times, if file doesn't exist, end the workflow.

  • In between if file is uploaded in sftp and it is available, we should not end the workflow and load activity 

To achieve this, i have configured "configure several retries"option. But if file doesn't exist, workflow is finished at first try itself and it is not retried  for 5 times with 15 mins interval. Kindly let me know how we can achieve this.

Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 1.34.57 PM.png

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi @divyas70997717 ,

As per your screenshot, there is no problem with your configuration in advanced options, it is correct.

Please check your other configurations and Try restarting the workflow and check once again. You can see the different retries appear in the workflow execution log.