Getting to a Web App next page using a script




I have an Adobe Campaign Web app with 2 pages.

I'm trying to enable a transition between the first and the second page via a link and a script since I need to use variables in the second page.

This is the HTML that calls the function:

<a href="#" title="Edit" onClick="updateContent('inbox','<%= promotion.@workflow_internal_name %>')">Edit</a>

and this is the 'updateContent' function in the web app Header that triggers the transition to the next page:

  function updateContent(channelEdit, templateEdit) {

      document.controller.setValue('/ctx/vars/varChannelEdit', channelEdit);

      document.controller.setValue('/ctx/vars/varTemplateEdit', templateEdit);



When I'm doing preview on the web app everything works fine,

But after publishing the web app it only works through the web client.

If I'm in the rich client clicking on the link the first page is being reloaded again and I'm not being moved to the next page.

Does anyone knows what can cause this?



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I Understand now after trying David solution that

apparently the onClick event doesn't work from an <a> tag but on  <img> or <p> etc it does work.

I've modified my code a little and it works now.