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Creating a reporting dashboard using campaign labels/ segments, rather than all deliveries


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Hello! I am trying to create a series of reports in ACS that contain key/core delivery metrics (similar to the delivery summary) but only for specific campaign types - e.g. for all of my London newsletter deliveries together, or all of my lead gen email campaigns. At the moment all I can see is a list of all deliveries but there doesn't seem to be away to segment reporting further based on a campaign id or label that could apply to more than one delivery. E.g. label up all my London newsletters as london and create a delivery summary report that contains all these labelled ones together. Furthermore it would be great if this report can also apply to recurring deliveries or workflow-based sends, so as more newsletters continue to send in the schedule (e.g. next week's newsletter) the delivery will automatically be added to the report dash. Does anyone know if this is possible and I'm just missing it? 


Thank you

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