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Connecting AC with Salesforce


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Tagging florentlb​ as have seen a similar post resolved by you.

Hello Friends,

M Trying to update the records in salesforce schema, using the salesforce activity.

Requirement is to match the key between two systems sachems and update a column ([Contact/Email_Opt_Out_Date_Time__c]) in SF schema.

Getting this error in the salesforce activity.

02/10/2017 17:48:42 sfdcWorkflow processed: 0, inserted: 0, updated: 0, rejected: 0, deleted: 0, ignored: 0.

02/10/2017 17:48:42 sfdcWorkflow -53

02/10/2017 17:48:42 sfdcWorkflow A remote key must be defined on a remote field and a local field. A local change date must be defined on a remote field an a local field.

Under the mapping area, I have defined the property as Unique Remote key, Remote modification date, Unique Local key, Reconciliation Key as in the screen shot.


Is there anything I am missing to add or doing incorrectly?

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Hi Jaspreet,

Sorry my current customer doesn't have the Salesforce module, I can't help you efficiently.

But perhaps on Unique remote key line should you define it as [Contact/ID_18_Digit_Format__c] otherwise AC would consider ID_18_Digit_Format__c as local field?

And I don't understand the difference between your 2 local fiels @id and @ID_18_Digit_Format__c, wouldn't be the same?




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This field is coming from the expression and I am not entering it manually.So, it seems if its been used once, then after that the system is taking only the field name and not the schema and therefore its ID_18_Digit_Format__c and not [Contact/ID_18_Digit_Format__c].

@id is my auto generated Adobe Primary key and ID_18_Digit_Format__c is the unique key. Both are different.

I am not very confident on mapping these as my requirement is to update 2 fields on SF based on the ID_18_Digit_Format__c field present.

Could not even find any document which describes these.


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Hi Jas,

I don't have a Salesforce account available right now but will investigate this further as soon as I can.

In the meantime, can you try matching the following "structure" (for example in this example both camapign and CRM fields are defined for the remote key and modification date. Make sure that the remote fields are correctly defined compared to how they are named in salesforce.

Issue in CRM Connector activity of Adobe Campaign v6

I'll update you if I have any more info on this. Can you try this in the meantime?



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Thanks for your inputs,

I have tried with all the mappings, unfortunately no luck.

Will wait for your further inputs.