Automate Refresh Content in ACS Templates when it is synced with AEM



Scenario:- Content in ACS template is synched from AEM


Whenever any changes are made in AEM template, ACS template has to be refreshed manually by clicking Refresh Adobe Experience Manager content button before sending the delivery so that latest changes are reflected in the mail.




Is there any way that without manual intervention content is changed in ACS template and latest changes are reflected in mail whenever changes are made in AEM templates?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Shefali,


At this time no. You could submit an enhancement for this to Campaign Support if you want this functionality in a later release.


The thought around this is that we don't want approved content that is ready to be compiled and sent to suddenly and automatically get updated by changes on the AEM side and then an unapproved delivery gets sent out to recipients.  The requirement of having to click this button to refresh is used as a guardrail to prevent unwanted or unknown changes in AEM from inadvertently updating Campaign.




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Answers (1)




Hm, when you do the delivery preparation, ACS shall download the latest content from AEM already by default.

Only limitation is that the screenshot of the delivery won't be updated.