Any way to extract blacklisted




Is there any way to (fairly easily) extract from Campaign 6.11 Leads a table of blacklisted email addresses, and the date they were set to that? Or, a list of emails/recipients and the date of their unsubscription event?

I've done the easy way of extracting from the undeliverables folder the email, update status, last error...and that gives me large clusters of dates...apparently when an agent or workflow updated (most addresses have dates that fall into 3-4 exact same dates times.

I've also tried using the generic query editor...but cannot seem to find a table with a date of an unsubscription event.

Is this data available in Campaign?



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Eugene,

If you're talking about the date corresponding to the moment a recipient clicked a "no longer contact" link in a delivery, then no, the date information is not stored. There is just a boolean value indicating "No longer contact".

When selected, the recipient data is modified, thus the "Modification date" field is updated but this field is not specific to the unsubscription action.

So you can easily extract recipients/addresses but no corresponding date. To do that, a few fields are available from the nmsRecipient table. Look for "No longer contact by...".

By default, the "No longer contact (by any channel)" is used.

Hope this helps,