An error (-56 code) has occurred. Your rights do not enable you to view its details.



Hi all,

I'm receiving this error on a web application: An error (-56 code) has occurred. Your rights do not enable you to view its details.

I am not sure why I can not have access to the error description? Do you need to have any special right? I can not progress on the debuggin at all.

Thanks in advance for your help


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Hi Amit,

I am having the same issue with a webapp, however I am using the same build (v7.0 8935) for both the server and the client.

I have tried setting the user to the webAgent, an Admin or making the app anonymous access all without success.

Can you advise?

The only difference is that I am on a different network - could the campaign classic instance be whitelisting only certain IP ranges for access to the webapp preview? If so, how do I change this?




Thanks Amit,

Our production environment is:

Client 6.1.1 build 8688

Server 6.1.1 build 8705

I've just noticed that in our stage environment (in which I am not seeing this problem I am reporting) the server build is 8688, this might be of help.

Thanks very much




Hi Jean-Serge, and thanks for your reply.

In fact I forgot o mention that the error message mentioned was shown on the preview, and with the debug mode on. This is the only thing I can see on the window.

I've added myself to the whole list of security groups and it did not help. And the only way to check the serverConf.xml is to check with support if the system is hosted by Adobe, am I right?

Thanks again





Hi Guillermo,

May you run your webApp inside Adobe Client preview, with debug mode? Are the errors displayed?

To my mind, it could be due to security zones setting, depending on security zones defined in your serverConf.xml you can allow or not displaying errors details, I think.

One more think: since 8795 build, webApp operator account is not admin anymore, but webApp group privileges; but I don't know if it can explain your issue.