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Adobe Campaign v7 - Latest capabilities - Sept, 2017



Here is an overview of the latest features added to Adobe Campaign v7 - release 17.9 of Sept, 2017. To see the complete list of changes - including bug fixes - consult the Release Notes.

And you'll find latest documentation updates here: Adobe Campaign v7 Documentation updates.

Key capabilities coming with this release are:

ACS Connector Enhancement

It is now possible to send back behavioral data from Adobe Campaign Standard to Adobe Campaign 7, thus allowing marketers and data analysts to build a 360° view of marketing campaigns; create advanced audiences and segments that incorporate ACS behavioral data; and more effectively measure the ROI of marketing activities.

For more information, refer to the detailed documentation.

SAP HANA connector

‪Break the silos and leverage all your external data ‪in ‪Adobe Campaign in real-time with Federated Data Access ‪connectors, now also supporting SAP HANA. Federated ‪Data Access ‪allows users to connect multiple disparate, ‪external ‪databases with Adobe Campaign. Query data in real-time from any source without importing ‪the ‪dataset or storing it within the Adobe Campaign platform.

For more information, refer to the detailed documentation.

Hadoop Connector via HiveSQL

When it comes to handling large data sets, Hadoop has the advantage over relational database management systems, and its value for any size business will continue to increase as unstructured data continues to grow. Adobe Campaign can leverage the power of Hadoop through the Hadoop Connector via HiveSQL where customers can access schemas directly from the Adobe Campaign UI to create advanced, highly segmented audiences in fast, flexible, and scalable manner.

For more information, refer to the detailed documentation.

LINE Channel: Messaging Enhancements

This enhancement to the LINE Channel will allow you to optimize cost efficiency by paying per campaign and not for each piece of content that is sent; increase user engagement by sending rich messages (not just flat images); and simplify usability with multi-messaging by not needing to create multiple deliveries for a single campaign.

For more information, refer to the detailed documentation.

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