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Adobe Campaign Standard Video Component


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I'm trying to include a video player within an email send using the video content component in the ACS email designer. I've added the YouTube video link in the "video link" field but I can't make it work. I also tried adding it via html without any luck.


I've tried to find instructions for how to use this component but I can't find anything on the Adobe support pages or YouTube.


Had anyone used this component? Could someone walk me through the steps or point me to documentation that walks through the steps? I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.


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Hi Malcom,


Can you elaborate on what isn't working (does the email not send, are there errors, etc.) and the specific steps that you're taking?





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The email sends. The poster image appears and the play button is visible but clicking on the button does nothing.


When I tried without the poster image I got a black box with the play button but the play button had a strike-through.


When I tried doing it via html I got the image of the youtube viewer, with controls, but again nothing happened when I clicked on any of the controls.


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Any recommendations based on my added context?



Hi @Craig_Thonis, Can you please further help @JMalcom ? Thanks!

Sukrity Wadhwa