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Adobe Campaign Standard API - Adding or Updating Profiles


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Hi there,


I'm a long time Campaign Classic user, but a little newer to Campaign standard.


I've been familiarising myself with the ACS API and have a question about handling Profile updates.


I've seen you can:
Insert a profile (POST)

Update a profile (by GET request and then using the Pkey in a PATCH request)


My question is.... is there a simple way to "insertOrUpdate" (whereby a record is updated if it already exists or is created new if it doesn't, based on a defined reconciliation key).


I think there would be many use cases where 3rd party systems don't know if the record exists or not, but want an end result of the record existing as a campaign profile (without creating duplicates).


I guess a combination of the 3 requests could be used as follows, but I wanted to know if there was a simpler way? I'm also keen to know if there remains an option to define a reconciliation key with these methods.

Potential approach?

* Perform GET request (based on one of the filtering methods available)

* if record exists, use PKEY of response to perform PATCH request to update

* else use POST request to insert as new profile


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Hi Guys,
Would any of you be able to help with the above?

Thanks in advance as always.