ACS - Updating a date field to now from an ACS landing page




We have a situation where we need to know when the blackListEmail field was last updated (not profile last update), so I've created a profile acquisition (as the blackList landing page type doesn't seem to have the ability to add data fields to update) landing page, but can't seem to work out how to update a date to now.

Is there any way of doing this in ACS? I've tried getDate(), getDate, blank - but this results in an error.

I thought about changing default for the field in the custom resource, but this would update the date when the data is imported, and we don't want that.

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Hi Pablo,

Have just tested this - setup as shown in the file and this doesn't work - I get the same error as I did with all my other attempts (-53)

Hope this makes sense,

Please do let me know your thoughts,