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[Acs] transactional Message: using a collection in a collection


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Hi Everyone.

I got a new question this time for the transactionnal message..

My customer need to send some real time message  to his client.

Problem is to be able to have a collection of items in another collection.

According to the documentation (and some test), it is not possible to do it (which by the way seems like a major fallback).

Here's an example (use case)

     we need to actually send some order confirmation

     one email  is send to each final user.

     The email is actually listing the clients orders made in the last hour (plural is important). The order can have multiple shipping address and for each shipping address the product list.

     (hierachy would look like this :

          level 1 : order

               level 2 : shipping address

                    level 3 : product


  Customer is having no problem with his current Classic platform (they got multiple level collections)  but they are migrating to Adobe Campaign Standard

As it's not possible to have embedded collection in ACS, We don't have any way to doS (there are actually more than 10 templates like this)

(and even if we try a solution with a lot of JS, the process will not be user friendly nor maintainable)

Any of you ever face this in ACS  (without major rewriting)?

Thank you

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Hi Kevin,

You can define data collection in ACS Adobe Campaign Help | Configuring transactional messaging

Also here is a video Configuring Product Listings in Transactional Emails that describes the setup.



David Kangni


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Thank you.

But sadly that doesn't help for my point.

my problem is having a collection in a collection




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Unfortunately in ACS you don't have scripting capabilities as in ACC

David Kangni



This is indeed a limit in the current feature. Nesting loops is not supported and  it is quite difficult to build a comprehensive UI for that.

Workarounds could be:

- you can flatten the hierarchy by having a record for each combination of the 3 criterias.

- or you can build the content in a static way for the first 2 levels directly in the email with a "if not empty" condition and use the loop only for the last level.


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Well it's a tricky thing.

I can't make use of your solution because the customer  hierarchy can't be flattenned

I even try to use an undeclared embedded collection (or other type)  in the event but Adobe prevent the rest call as the call context is different than the event declared in ACS

So i can't really see how I can do it with your answer, sorry