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I've been reading the documentation but i can't seem to find exactly how to target via API a custom resource I've created.

I created a new resource named "Order Statuses" and the resource itself clearly says that the API Name is "cusOrderStatuses". I extended the API when publishing as well.

What i can't seem to find anywhere is exactly which endpoint I need to target to create new records in this resource via the API.

Any help will be appreciated!


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Hi Jose,

You can only make modifications to a customer resource if it is directly linked to Profile.

You have a schema OrderStatuses which I believe has a 1:1 mapping with Order which then as a many to one mapping with Profile, simply because a profile can make multiple orders.

Inside ProfileandServicesext you can access Orders using the href URL for it.

Then through that you select the href for a particular order which will take you into a specific order detail. This will give you href for OrderStatus.

This is how you will be able to make the modification to status


Vipul Raghav

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Hi Vipul!

Thanks for the insight. I've been testing to see if i can make it work. For now i see that my problem is that i had defined the link to profile on Order but not the way around ... If i define it in profile it tries to extend the API, so that makes sense with what you said before.

The problem that i have now is that i want to create the join to Order with a specific join condition using for example out of the box fields such as email but for some reason i can only select for the join fields that i created in the extension. How can i use out of the box fields for the join?

I think that once i solve this i will be able to solve the API problem with what you said.




I have the same issue! I was just about to create a discussion about it . I thought it could be latency, but if you created your custom resource a while ago, then that's not the issue I presume.



Thank you for your answer. I've actually tried that endpoint before but for some reason i keep getting a 404 not found with the error "Error rc=-2003". That is the main issue that i have.

When i created the new resource I checked the radio button to extend the API as well, so I'm not sure which could be the problem here.