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Use Profile search fields in other search dialogs


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It is possible to define additional search/filter fields for Profiles by adding them to the Filter Zone Composition in the Profile custom resource.  These are useful because they enable you to find Profiles based on several fields, such as e-mail address, name, and alternate ID.

When testing a Landing Page such as Subscription, you can select a profile to use for testing.  However, the search/filter fields defined for the Profile custom resource are not made available; you can only perform a default search.  This makes it sometimes cumbersome to select a profile for testing because you can only use predefined search fields for filtering.

Consider an application in which you can search for people by last name or first name on one screen but only by first name on another screen; it would be more inconvenient to search for people on the second screen, especially if you are searching for a person that has a common first name.

If fields are added for searching and filtering in the Profile custom resource, these fields should be made available for searching and filtering in all screens in which a user can search for a profile, not just in particular screens.