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List Health dynamic reports


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A few months ago, I asked how I go about getting counts for various profile and subscription table attributes, such as how many profiles, opt-ins, opt-in rate, subscribers, prospects, lapsed, users by country, etc. I asked how to get counts over time so that a user could create line or bar charts depicting the change in counts for any specific attribute of our users. I was informed that ACS only offers dynamic reports for campaigns, so seeing counts was not possible other than creating and running workflows each time you wanted to see a specific count, or at the most, creating an audience for a specific workflow so that day's counts could be displayed.

I commissioned our Adobe build team to create a custom "profile report table" with all of the attributes i wanted to track, and have it run weekly. The table shows counts of each attribute each Monday. I then export this table into a Txt file and covert to CSV, where I then create my charts. Not ideal, but at least I have a path to do what I need. I think all ACS users would want this. Heck, happy to sell my idea to adobe lol.