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Include times in data from Campaign in Analytics


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In Adobe Campaign, reports of events such as opens and unique clicks can be broken down by an Hour dimension, showing the number of those events in a particular hour on a given day.


When this same information is viewed through Analytics, it is appearing as if all or nearly all of the events occur at noon.


For example, a report in Campaign could show that a message had 1000 opens at 9:00 AM, 1800 opens at 10:00 AM, 800 opens at 11:00 AM, and so on.  Analytics will show that there are 3600 (or more) opens at noon, but none at any other time.


Customer Care reported that this is due to the design of Analytics; there is a lag in data being imported into Analytics from Campaign and that data does not carry a timestamp with it, so Analytics assigns it a default of noon.


This makes it so that our users are unable to use Analytics to report on data from Campaign with the same granularity as in Campaign itself.


Please consider having data flowing from Campaign to Analytics include times as well as dates so that reporting can be done in Analytics using those times.

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This would be very beneficial.


Our clients are always asking what time their emails are opened most, to optimize delivery time.  We'd like a way to group any delivery based on the hour of day, rather than a full report of every hour of every day in the time-span for the report is generated.  If the data flowed into Analytics with the proper time, with more granular or grouped/calculated metrics, we could easily provide these insights to our clients.