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Feature to isolate Delete permission for users to avoid accidental delete of their own or his/her unit's created work products


Level 4


To introduce a separate permission "Delete" as an enhancement. We can only grant this on demand basis to only specific users. In that way we will make users only move the work products they want to delete to a specific Archive folder and IT can purge it on timely manner. This will mitigate the risk of users deleting there own work products accidentally and other users suffering because of DB restore.

Here is the Adobe Campaign’s standard backup up policy under the “Data Backup” section of this whitepaper https://www.adobe.com/content/dam/acom/en/security/pdfs/ADB-CampaignSecurity-WP.pdf.  This will be helpful in understanding the database restore process. Per the whitepaper, Campaign’s standard policy is to retain the daily data backups for a maximum of 7 days but it can vary per your contract.  Generally, the standard process to restore deleted objects is to restore from the backup file saved on the day prior to when the deletion was performed, which essentially does the restore but unfortunately any objects created or updated since then will be reverted in whichever state they were per the backup.