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Allow manual profile edits and subscriptions


Level 4


It would be useful to allow admins and other privileged users to make small corrections of profiles and their related data without having to create workflows.

For instance, consider the case of a profile that is not subscribed to a service but should be subscribed to it, and that there is no way for the corresponding user to subscribe to the service.  Currently a workflow must be written to query for that profile and subscribe the profile to the service.  It would be faster and easier for a privileged user to be able to edit the profile and add the service or to edit the service and add the profile.

Similar to this, if there is a discrepancy in data between a profile in Campaign and a profile in a system that data has been imported from, it would be easier to edit the profile directly in Campaign than to create a workflow that updates the profile.

While it is not generally desirable to allow for direct updates to data, in some cases for maintenance and production support it is needed; having certain users able to edit ANY field on a profile and perform ANY subscribe/unsubscribe action on behalf of a profile would be very useful.



Level 3


This would be great, I just built a workflow to handle to this.  Although it works, it seems like it seems overly complex for a routine task.





This could be achieved by workflow as you mentioned, but also by API.

For a UI approach, we think about a Preference Center, which give us capability to do it in the interface.

This is not committed.