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Add common mappings for Boolean values


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When defining the column definitions in a Load File step in a workflow, if you select Boolean for the Data Type, Campaign expects that the incoming data in the column will be either 1 or 0.

If your source data uses a different convention for Boolean values, such as Y/N (yes/no) and T/F (true/false), then you must define these in Value Remapping.  This can become cumbersome if you have many columns having the Boolean data type.  It can also lead to errors since you have to many set these for each column; you might forget to set them or set them incorrectly.

Do one of the following to alleviate this potential problem:

1. Have Campaign automatically handle input values of "Y" and "T" as "1" and values of "N" and "F" as "0".

2. When the user designates a column as Boolean, have the user select from several predefined sets of possible input values: 1/0, Y/N, T/F, etc.

3. Allow users to define a Boolean value remapping elsewhere in Campaign then reference it in the Column Properties dialog.  This would allow the user to reuse the same remapping definitions on multiple fields.