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Targeting recipients of recurring delivery


Level 2

I am trying to create a customer journey where the recipient receives email 1 on day one, email 2 a month later, and email 3 6 months later.

Emails 1, 2 and 3 are recurring delivery type.

Is there a way to target users of a recurring delivery a month after they originally received email 1, to send them the second email in the chain, email 2?

I have tried using the wait activity, but because I want the query to run daily to make sure no one is missed, those from the wait activity are overwritten before they can make it through the month wait and reach the next delivery phase.

My other thought is to trial using the deliveries folders to contain these, but I'm unsure as to how I would target here? Potentially by send date?

I thought I would come to the forums to see if anyone has any examples of best practice in this, as I'm really only just beginning to start thinking of my customer journeys

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Employee Advisor

What you could do is to query on the broadLog table (i.e. delivery logs).

There you can filter on the delivery and date and you woukd determine all who received the delivery in a certain time frame


Level 8

Hello daniellee60580908 ,

You can follow below steps if you want to use only recurring delivery:

--> Create a workflow with the segmentation according to your requirement and add the recipients to a list.

--> Schedule this workflow to run daily so the list will update daily without missing any recipients.

--> Now create another workflow2 and use this list to whom u want to send this delivery on day1.

--> Use split activities and add subsets according to ur requirement (here you need 3 for day1, month, 6months)  in workflow2.

--> Use can schedule in recurring delivery itself when you want to send the delivery (recurring delivery--> scheduling--> Schedule delivery automatic execution..... --> use calculate formula -->   contact date calculation).

Here the contact date is when you want  to send delivery (Assumption) (try this option before you execute).