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SMS template - How to use the URL option


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I'm trying to enter a hyperlink in SMS template. I see a URL option under Personalization, when I select include option. I click on URL option:

<%@ include file ='<URL of file to include>' %>

I tried entering:

<%@ include file ='<http://www.google.com>' %>

When I publish the template, I get an error. I'm suspecting the above is not correct. Any thoughts? Help?

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<%@ include file ='http://www.google.com' %> (no brackets).




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Hi Jon,

I tried the above but when I try publishing the template I get the following error:

'XSV - 350122 An error occurred and the process has been stopped'

any idea?


SMS template have only Text not HTML hence the issue to enter a hyperlink. I would have to type in the url and that works.



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Hi Jonathon,

Thanks for all the help! Any ideas on this?

Thanks again!