IIS not forwarding any headers to Adobe Campaign server?



We are using the nlsrvmod module to redirect from IIS to Adobe Campaign server.

Is there a way to get IIS to forward any headers (ex: Authorization) to the Adobe Campaign server?

More details if needed:

I have a simple jssp page to display the value of a certain header

<%   document.write('auth header: ' + request.getHeader('Authorization')); %>

If I use Postman to set the header and request the Adobe Campaign server directly via http://localhost:8080/jssp/eps/headertest, the header value exists and is written.

However if I make the request through IIS via  http://localhost/jssp/eps/headertest the header value does not exists which means that IIS is not passing it through





Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be what I'm looking for. What the referenced configuration seems to do is relay a response header from Tomcat to IIS.

I'm looking to relay a Request header from IIS to Tomcat (opposite direction).

If you know anyone that has found a solution to this I would appreciate it. Thanks!





Hi Allan,

Have your network team hardened the HTTP response headers for security reasons ?
(highly recommended by the Adobe Campaign documentation highly recommends it).

Read also for example:

Remove Unwanted HTTP Response Headers - Microsoft Tech Community - 369710

Please may you have a look on IIS Manager settings, in this section:

But for headers not prohibited, I can manage them correctly transferred to the Tomcat service through IIS.

So I wonder what happens for you. In your network, is there a reverse proxy?

Whatever tool, either Postman or SOAP UI, I think you could try to set another header to see if it is forwarded, perhaps it could help?