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Help: How to generate additional custom tracking pixels in a Delivery?


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Similar to how Campaign Classic automatically generates a tracking pixel to record recipient opens of a delivery, I require a way to generate additional tracking pixels for a delivery to track other recipient actions within the email.


For background on this: I require the additional tracking pixel(s) for use in an interactive HTML email to track user interaction within the email. The custom tracking pixel would be displayed/loaded (using CSS) only when the recipient user clicks on a particular element within the email, thus tracking their action. This is a common method to track interactions within interactive HTML emails, which I know how to accomplish. The problem is that I do not know how to go about setting-up Campaign Classic to generate these custom tracking pixel URLs in a Delivery.

I would need the custom tracking pixel(s) to record these recipient actions within the tracking logs of the delivery, with a type or label (such as 'Interaction 1', 'Interaction 2'.. or anything else) that is discriptive of its purpose.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this? If so, if you can provide steps this would be much appreciated.

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Click tracking is accomplished through url redirection, though is for links.

For tracking non-link clicks with css sleight-of-hand, purely in Campaign, you'd have to re-purpose this feature. In theory:

  1. Create a delivery in a workflow.
  2. Make your own entries in the nms:trackingUrl table, linked to the delivery from 1.
  3. Edit the delivery, encoding your own redirected url's into the css, essentially the triplet you see in emails: http://tracking.host/r/?id=h6fc2ae37,1b1e81ba,1f261037 ('h' + message id, delivery id, url id- in hex). URL id's map to the entries from 2.
  4. Post-delivery processes all work fine from here- ingesting the tracking logs, aggregating delivery stats, reporting, recipient-level view etc.



Hi Jon,

Thank you very much for your response.

I've spoke with a team member and the concern surrounds the practicality of this as a process to undertake each time.

Would there perhaps be an alternative 'one time' set-up which could do this? I suspect not, but wish to leave no stone unturned.

Thanks again,



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It‘s pretty straightforward to make a button in delivery form to generate the url’s, akin to personalization block insertion. You’ll also need to make a soap endpoint and supporting js lib, maybe a couple days’ work with testing.