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Limit for HTTP request via JS activity on workflow


Level 5

Hi All,

I am trying to call an external API service through JS activity HTTP request (There is no limitation on calls imposed by the external application).

Through a workflow, it seems I am unable to make more than approx 1000 requests.

Is anyone aware of an Adobe Campaign limitation that allows only 1000 HTTP API requests in a session?

If so, is there a workaround as this seems a very low threshold.

I'm using Adobe Camapaign Classic v6.1.1



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Level 10

Hi David,

Are you hosted on Cloud or on Premise?

If On Premise, I wonder if your slow performance is due to the machine, the Adobe Campaign configuration, the internal network bandwith or whatsoever.could you manage some CURL script or SOAP UI or Postman tool on the server in order to check response time?

So you could know if it comes from Adobe Campaign or not.

Do you use a proxy server or direct internet connection?




Community Advisor

By session do you mean HTTP session?

Workaround-wise, HTTPClientRequest is just a reduced set of libcurl functions. You can call curl (or your own app) from execCommand(); I've made drop-in replacement libs in the past to do this type of work, usually to fix header behavior.