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Change Dimension - Temp Table


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Need some confirmation - I have a workflow where just before the Delivery I perform a 'Change Dimension' activity. In my Delivery, I have a javascript where I do a xtk.querydef and select data from the vars.targetSchema - which technically should have been the schema from the Change Dimension. 


When I tried to run it, I was getting an error "relation wkf*******_changeaxis2" does not exist". I added a split activity after the "Change Dimension" and the Delivery worked fine. 


I've been told the reason the javascript didn't work is because the Change Dimension does not create a temp workflow table, hence the reason the JS didn't work and gave me the error. Is this true?

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the activity itself only interacts with the temp table. the temp table actually belongs to the workflow. the change dimension is only transforming the inbound population to the target population. All that being said I've had scenarios where I have 2 or more CD's or enrichments or I copied one from one workflow to another and gotten a similar error. Have you tried renaming your CD or making sure it matches? 



I assume your JS looks something like this?





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That's exactly how the JS looks. I actually copied the failing workflow into a new workflow to see if this would resolve the issue; nope! 


But thank you for the feedback. I think you've confirmed it for me. The CD does not behave the same way as other Activities (i.e. Union, Enrichment, Split, etc). So when trying to use a JS to select data from the previous transition, I would need to run it from another activity.