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Adobe Campaign Genesis Connector Issue


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HI There,

So we have been facing integration issues with genesis connector in Adobe Campaign. We keep getting this error(below) and we are unable to pin-point to one specific reason, not sure if its an analytics configuration issue or campaign issue.

INT-150012 The HTTP query returned a 'Internal Server Error' type error(500)


Can you please suggest what needs to be fixed in order to solve this issue.



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Hello Prath

  1. Was this working before and then failed?
  2. is it the first time the adobe genesis is deployed?

Have you checked and followed the documentation integration steps?

Adobe Analytics - Data connector integration

Error 500 was returned by the remote server, not necessarily does it mean that there is an issue with the connection, but rather the remote server did not serve/process Adobe Campaign's request accordingly, something must not be configured properly on the analytics side.