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What is /r/ in the NmsTracking_ClickFormula option in Adobe Campaign Classic for and how can I delete it?


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The links generated by the tracking server look like this




In the NmsTracking_ClickFormula option, using a different NmsTracking_ServerURL, I can change the URL of the tracking server to



But these links fail, for these links to work I have to delete /r/ in the formula NmsTracking_ClickFormula:

else { %><%@ include option='NmsTracking_ServerUrl' %><% } %>/r/?id=<%=.


So that I am left with a link like this:




But I can't remove the /r/ from the formula because no link is generated.


I would like to know what function /r/ has in the link, why it is so important and if it is possible to remove it from the URL generated by the NmsTracking_ClickFormula formula.


Thanks, Regards.

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Hi @smarquro1 ,


To understand how tracking URL is interpreted and it works, you can check below link:

Tracking Parameters 

If you want a different tracking URL, then you can define new 'tracking click' Option. Define the tracking formula in the option. Then in delivery, redirect the same tracking Option to the delivery.





Level 2

I already manage my custom link with those parameters, but when I generate that new link, using my web application as the page to display, it looks like this:




that web page does not exist, but on the other hand if I remove the /r/ from that generated custom link, it does exist and it works as I wish.


The problem comes in that whatever formula I use, it does not generate the link if I delete /r/ inside the formula:

[...] else { %><%@ include option='NmsTracking_ServerUrl' %><% } %>/r/?id=<%= [...]


And I need it to be generated without the /r/:

[...] else { %><%@ include option='NmsTracking_ServerUrl' %><% } %>?id=<%= [...]


But I don't know how to do it. Thanks.



Hi @smarquro1,

Were you able to resolve this query or do you still need more help here? Do let us know.


Sukrity Wadhwa