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Wen Analytics External account in message centre


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Hi all,


I configured a web analytics external account with the "Other" integration option selected. The purpose of this account is to add UTM parameters to the links. I've been using this for normal marketing emails and it works fine.


However, I tried using this for some message centre emails and the utm parameters are not added to the URLs. I can do this by changing the click formula but I was wondering why the web analytics external account doesn't work for MC. Is it not supported or maybe misconfiguration?

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Hi @jmeilan ,


Yes, the Adobe Analytics connecter is not compatible with Message Center.


Please find the documentation link attached.







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The behavior you described, where the web analytics external account does not add UTM parameters to URLs in message center emails, could be due to several reasons.

  1. Integration Compatibility: The "Other" integration option for web analytics external accounts may not be fully compatible with the message center email system. It's possible that the integration was primarily designed and tested for regular marketing emails, and its functionality might not extend to the message center.

  2. Configuration Limitations: There could be specific configuration limitations within the web analytics external account setup that prevent the addition of UTM parameters to URLs in message center emails.

  3. Misconfiguration: Double-check the configuration settings and ensure that all necessary parameters, such as the UTM parameters, are correctly specified for message center emails. Verify that the account is adequately linked to the message center system.