Unsubscription Link (AC Standard)



Hello everyone,

I'm trying to edit the default opt-out (unsubscription) landing page on AC Standard and also trying to create a new landing page for opt-out (what it's quite simple to do on Classic).

First question: Default Unsub link

The "content block" unsub links to the following landing page: /lp/bl?pkey=<%%>

How do I edit this landing page?

Sencond Question: Custom Landing page for Unsub

I can create a landing page (type: unsub), but I only can use it to unsub a service, we are trying to do a custom landing page to opt-out from the main list, it means, not for a specific service.

When I try to link to my custom unsub landing page, it forces me to select which service, can I use it to unsub globally?


Does anyone had this problem before?


-Rick Romero

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




The problem isn't changing the content block, the content block points to a defaul specific landing page for opt out.

I found a way to do that, I create a new landing type (type: blacklist), with blacklist landing pages we can create a global opt-out page.