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Unable to load targetData in preview using seed address.


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Hello Everyone,

I'm trying to send proof of SMS delivery template. The delivery contains targetData for personalization. So I created a seed address and added relevant additional data.

But when I'm trying to preview the content using seed address, all the targetData personalization fields showing up as undefined.


The syntax I used for creating additional data is 



  <testData testProductName="xyzProduct" name="Krishna"/>



The syntax I used in the SMS delivery is



Thank you for purchasing <%= targetData ? targetData.testData.testProductName:"" %> 
<%= targetData ? targetData.testData.name:"" %>



The result in the preview tab


Thank you for purchasing undefined undefined



Did anyone else encounter this issue? Can Anyone suggest a workaround or identify any mistake in my syntax?

I'm getting targetData undefined when trying to send the proof as well.





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Hi @krishnakanthnaguru

check this link: seed proofs



Hey Milan, Thanks for the link provided. I was looking to use actual targetdata added in the seed address. However your answer helped me


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Your syntax is fine, this looks like a bug in Campaign. Which is weird since it lines up with the example front and center of seed form UI.

Alt way to preview is to use enrichment(s) to generate arbitrary temp tables to recipients and send to recurring template with same content.