SHA256 and SHA512 functions returning wrong hash





We would like to hash certain data in our recipients table, but do notice that the returned hash isn't the right one when we use the SHA256 or SHA512 expression. For MD5 the returned result is however the right one.

We've checked the conversion in numerous ways (cf. --> UTF8, UTF16, ... CRLF, LF, ...) and investigated a lot of deviations (capitals vs regular letter, spaces, ...) already.


Example string: 1ZZ1234

SHA256 generated by Adobe Campaign5c12c786e84b2b7f8bf4b89e5c88ded8bf6a4fd05908b63050945f9fa5b6322d
MD5 generated by Adobe Campaign29e110be8987fd8403f2940a617e668d
SHA512 generated by Adobe Campaigne14c06f1c43bb65ee8487f54528a8278bbdd96582b9f23a93901fef04e3f6ed664a85308f56c5360413791bd384c14e2b0adb81b988c6c0fb05cf06530278919


We are using the following functions:

- Md5Digest()

- Sha256Digest()

- Sha512Digest()


Does anyone experienced the same or know what might be at the roots of the wrong hash generation by Adobe Campaign?

If you are a campaign user, do you get the same wrong hash?


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